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Cookie Information informs that uses its own and third-party cookies when users browse through the pages of its website. This policy provides information on what cookies are, what uses cookies and how to disable cookies from the browser used for navigation.


What are cookies? "Cookies" are small text files that a server can store on the hard drive of a computer and can store information about the user. Cookies allow the website to record user activity and to store your preferences. Cookies help to analyze the interaction between the user and the website and making navigation more fluid and personalized.


What types of cookies exist? Depending on its duration, a cookie may be classified as a "session" or "permanent".

That uses cookies uses cookies technical generated and used to its website and other cookies external web pages generated by third parties.
The cookies used on this site do not personally identify the user, who remains anonymous. can also temporarily register the IP (Internet Protocol) as the identifier of the computer that leads to their web pages, to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer its website. is committed to providing useful and relevant to its users.


In order to ensure a high degree of correspondence between the contents of the service and advertising, allows the use of third-party cookies by  Payclick  DoubleClickGoogle AnalyticsHistatsGoogle PlusFacebookTwitter, for statistics and offer advertisements.


Through these technologies, advertisers have the ability to serve ads based on interests associated with online activities that does not personally identify users, such as searches or activity on other partner sites.
Advertisers may also serve ads based on previous user activity on their websites.
This information does not identify you personally, you are managed separately from identifying information in possession of


Also, they could be activated cookies specially designed for the "social network" that allow the user to interact through social networks (according to share / like FacebookTwitter and Google Plus).
When a page contains this command, it establishes a direct connection with the social network selected.


The visit to site can generate the following types of cookies:
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Disable cookies You can configure your browser to navigate to eliminate or prevent the installation of cookies. The user can control which cookies are installed, what is their life and eliminate them. The steps to accomplish these tasks I differ from browser to browser. Here are the guides for the most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer 
Mozilla Firefox 

Disabling some cookies may impede access to and the proper functioning of the pages.
To disable cookies by Google Analytics will need to download a special plug-in browser here.